Choosing the right real estate company

Choosing the right real estate company to meet your unique needs is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If you are like most people, your home will be your single biggest investment; obviously, not something to be left to chance.

Yet most buyers and sellers have little, if any, practical experience when it comes to buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Here are five tips to help you choose the real estate company that will be there for you and your family every step of the way.

  1. Select the most successful companies in your area. Check the newspaper ads, search on the web, ask local residents, and look for yard signs around town to find out who those companies are.
  2. Visit each company's web site. Spend at least 15 minutes searching for what you feel is your home's competition. Did you find useful information? Did you find something you would like to buy? If you didn't, neither will your home's future owner.
  3. Ask for testimonials or references for the company. How do their past customers feel about them and their service? Will the company you choose ask for their opinion after the sale? In any service industry, reputation is all a company really has to offer, so it is important to find out their standards of service.
  4. Call the managing broker of each company and ask him or her who is the best agent to list your home. Then follow up with the question, "Would you list with him or her, and why?" Ask any other questions you would like to know. The managing broker should be happy to speak with you.
  5. Go back to the web site and search the recommended agent's bio page. Find out if his or her credentials represent what you are looking for in an agent.

After researching the companies in the St Augustine area, we think you'll find that Bosshardt Realty is by far your best bet to sell your home.

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Choosing the right REALTOR®

Once you have chosen a real estate company, you will need to choose a licensed real estate agent from that company to respresent you in selling your home. Whether you have been given the names of only one agent from that company or if you are choosing from a list of over 80, there are a few steps to take with each candidate.

  1. Contact the agent or agents you are considering to set up an interview. You will want to interview the agent before deciding or signing any paperwork to see if you will work well together.
  2. Ask for references and testimonials. Don't trust your most prized assets with anyone who hasn't received glowing references. If the agent is new to real estate, you can get personal references from friends and previous employers.
  3. Ask the agent about his or her past training and experience. Does the agent have advanced designations?
  4. Get a detailed description of how the agent would market your home. Find out if he or she will be placing advertisements in the newspaper, on the Internet, in magazines, etc. Discuss what will be the most effective way to find a buyer for your home.
  5. Make sure you are comfortable with the agent's philosophies and ethics. It is important that you and your agent are on the same page, and that you feel he or she will represent you well during the process.
  6. Make sure the agent's presentation covers everything you've already found in your research of the company.

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